Despite a few camp sites, it’s a quieter road which skirts Ullswater’s eastern side, heading from Pooley Bridge to Howtown and Martindale.

Shortly after Howtown the road rises sharply and within minutes you arrive at St Peter’s Church, Martindale. Amongst the attractive stained glass windows is one dedicated to the men of the aircraft carrier HMS Glorious which was sunk in the Norwegian Sea in June, 1940. The car park here is often used by those walking up Hallin Fell to admire the views over Ullswater.

A bit further on - ignore the turn off to Sandwick - is the ‘old’ church of St Martin where the floor was flagged in 1714, the pews face the aisle and the yew tree in the churchyard is said to be about 1,300 years old.

This is a quiet, almost lonely place to explore, with Beda Fell to the west, Gowk Hill in the east and the distinctive outline of The Nab straight ahead to the south. Just below The Nab is Dale Head - about six miles (9.6km) from Pooley Bridge - where the minor road through Martindale ends.

A path goes across the fells to Boredale Hause and from there it’s a fairly short drop down into Patterdale. On the other side of Beda Fell is Boredale, another quiet sliver of a valley. A narrow road leads up to Boredale Head.

A favourite walk on this side of Ullswater is to take the ‘steamer’ from Glenridding to Howtown and then hike the seven miles (11.2 km) back along the shore, through Hallinhag Wood, past Sandwick Bay, Silver Point and Patterdale.


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