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‘We grow healthy food in ways that aim to protect the planet, or at least one little bit of it.’ That’s as good a starting point as any in understanding the ethos, the commitment to organic produce and the passion that lies behind Eva’s Organics and each and every bottle of its apple juice.

Great Taste Award winners in 2020 for three juices - Apple and Raspberry, Apple and Rhubarb and Apple and Ginger (all organic) - this business grew out of a home delivery fruit and vegetable box scheme, started in 2000 by Debbie and Mike Simpson. 

That in itself is a wonderful story because from a small rented field near Brampton they now have an orchard near Carlisle - for apples, pears, plums and cherries - and a 16 acre (6.5ha) smallholding, with 11 polytunnels, in ‘the top right hand corner of Cumbria’. They deliver to more than 300 households in the county every week. 

In 2016 Debbie and Mike were joined full time by their youngest son, Robert, an environmental science graduate from Birmingham University. He started the apple juice business as a way of getting Eva’s Organics known to a wider public but in the last 2/3 years it’s developed a momentum of its own.

‘Each year we have a surplus of apples. We wanted to make the best use of them so we decided to turn them into juice. It’s very much a small scale artisan product and we’ve done this by choice. We feel we want to get the freshest tasting product possible,’ says Robert.

Apples from about 600 trees - Discovery, Meridian, Red Devil, Keswick Codlin, Red Topaz, Rajka and Scotch Bridget - are all washed, pressed and bottled in small batches at their smallholding ‘to create a juice bursting with crisp and refreshing flavour, free from added sugar, sweeteners or any other unnecessary additives,’ says Robert. 

His efforts and ethos were recognised at the Cumbria Life Food and Drink Awards 2019 where he received a special award called The Matt Campbell Rising Star Award. ‘Working alongside nature is at the heart of Eva’s Organics. I genuinely feel that this style of farming is what the world needs more of,’ says Robert.

Eva’s Organics, Low Luckens, Carlisle CA6 6LJ: 016977 48331,

Buy online or at places like Pioneer Food Hall, John Watt & Son and Food Glorious Food in Carlisle, Tebay Services on the M6, The Chopping Block in Penrith and the Lingholm Kitchen at Derwentwater. 

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